Healthy kitchen project 29/11/15

Today  we are round the map to South Africa, marked by distinct ecosystems and also regional cuisines are referred as cape dutch includes the spicy flavours of nutmeg, allspice and red chillipeppers. Faith one of our beloved member from South Africa is cooking today. The menu includes Pap (Staple dish of SA), Sam and beans, Sausages, Meat stew.

IMG_3488Pap (maize porridge) is a traditional South African dish which is accompanied by a savories,¬† sam and beans tomato stew tampered with dried red chillies feiry hot flavour.IMG_3495IMG_3496Sausages in South Africa are known as boerewors (farmers sausage) seasoned with coriander and venegar, garnished with cucumber .IMG_3499 Its time for birthday celebration and surprisingly its faith’s birthday we had a cake cutting at the end…IMG_3505

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