It’s not rosy and cozy to be an asylum seeker

Seeking asylum in UK is not an easy journey. There is no stability for life unless one person gets refugee status if in case the case is dismissed or rejected the person is liable to be detained or deported .When comes to asylum support, asylum seekers are not allowed to work to live a life of dignity and even not eligible for the main stream benefits .The only benefit they receive is 5 pounds per person which should include travel expenses ,food ,toiletries and some day to day requirements.Children are the most who suffer in this process and for parents it’s a big deal to satisfy the needs of the kids to not let them down in the peer group .Due to no proper legal aid facilities asylum seekers who come in to the country empty handed live on the 5pound per day and who has no right to work it’s impossible to present themselves properly with no money and support . Basic human rights should be given to an individual like right to rent and right to work which are more essential for a human being to have dignity in their life’s rather then living on handouts of people which make people depressed and distress .Hope one day every human being are treated as a human rather than a alien……

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